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Forms Ask a Land Bank question
Forms Ask a question about neighborhood cleanups
Forms Ask a question about recycling carts
Forms Ask about historic design review/historic districts
Forms Ask an Income tax question
Forms Ask building permit question
Forms Ask EMS insurance billing question
Forms Ask Fire Codes question
Forms Ask question re: City-wide sanitary sewer overflow project
Forms Ask when street will receive final pavement
Forms Compliments and Concerns re: HPD Service and Officer Contact
Forms East High Street Construction
Forms File a complaint
Forms Have an officer contact me
Forms Homeowner Emergency Repair Program (For Income Qualified)
Forms How Do I Dispose of Hazardous Waste
Forms Inquire about renting a park shelter
Forms Inquire About Volunteer Opportunities
Forms Locate/repair gas or water curb box
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Forms Provide recognition to a city employee
Forms Report a missing sign
Forms Report a nuisance property
Forms Report a park maintenance concern
Forms Report a traffic concern
Forms Report building or zoning violations
Forms Report concerning asphalt/concrete/yard restoration
Forms Report criminal activity
Forms Report dead tree in right of way
Forms Report electric wire or pole issues
Forms Report fair housing and discrimination issues
Forms Report garbage not being collected
Forms Report graffitti
Forms Report issues with drinking water
Forms Report leaves not being collected
Forms Report street light issues
Forms Report Traffic Signal Issues or Malfunctions
Forms Report tree limbs/brush blocking vision at an intersection
Forms Request a birth or death certificate
Forms Request a Different Size Trash Cart
Forms Request a fire report
Forms Request a meeting
Forms Request a meeting with the Business Development Team
Forms Request a pothole be filled
Forms Request a tree inspection
Forms Request an alley be paved
Forms Request an alley to be graded
Forms Request an EMS report
Forms Request Bottled Water for Non-Profit Event in Hamilton
Forms Request City Event Information
Forms Request handicap parking accommodations by home
Forms Request incentive information
Forms Request info re: what Rumpke will/won't collect
Forms Request information about recreation programming
Forms Request private area light installation or disconnection
Forms Request relocation of electric service
Forms Request site information
Forms Request tree or bush be trimmed
Forms Request vacation house watch
Forms Request zoning information
Forms Right-of-way tree removal
Forms RiversEDGE Park & Amphitheater
Forms Sign Up To Volunteer
Forms Suggest website improvement
Forms Tree in public right of way removed/trimmed without permit
Forms Tree limbs overhanging street or sidewalk need pruning
Forms Utility Service Assistance