Can I start demolition without a permit?
No! In order to protect the owner, bystanders, demolition personnel, and all adjacent properties; it is extremely important that demolition does not begin until after the required demolition permits have been issued. Starting demolition without a permit is not only a likely way to cause injury, but it will also result in the application of penalty fees.

When demolition must be performed in an emergency situation, then the Hamilton Fire Department must be contacted for approval. They will contact the appropriate representatives of Construction Services and the Utility Departments to make sure that the emergency demolition is safe to proceed. An application for approval must be submitted to Construction Services within the next business day.

The Building Official will determine whether or not the situation legitimately constituted an emergency. If any work is performed without a permit, and the above emergency stipulations are not met; then work will be required to stop immediately, and penalty fees will be applied.

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