Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my cart is stolen or missing?
To report a stolen or missing cart, call the Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 513-867-8661 to obtain the serial number of your assigned cart.  You will be mailed a form that must be returned to the Municipal Refuse Transfer Station (1000 N. 3rd Street Hamilton, Ohio 45011).  Arrangements will then be made for a replacement cart to be delivered.  There could be a replacement charge for the cart. 

I am a new Hamilton resident – How do I request a trash/recycling cart?
Please contact City of Hamilton’s Customer Service at 513-785-7100.  Trash/recycling carts stay with location address so you would need to verify that the carts were delivered by Rumpke to your address. Filling out a Missing Hamilton Trash/Recycling Cart form may be necessary which is handled by the Transfer Station at 513-867-8661.  Additional recycling carts are available at no extra charge. 

What day is my pickup for trash and recycling?
If you are unsure of your schedule collection day, please contact Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 867-8661 or visit the City of Hamilton’s website at to view a map of Hamilton trash collections days by neighborhood. Trash collection is weekly and recycling is bi-weekly.

What should I do if my trash/recycling does not get picked up?
Please contact Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 513-867-8661.

How do I exchange a trash/recycling cart for another size?
Please contact Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 513-867-8661

Who should I contact if a neighbor leaves a trash/recycling cart at the curb for a long time period?
Please contact City of Hamilton’s Customer Service Department at 785-7100 and a violation letter will be sent out by the Director of Public Works.

What do I do if I have a large item pickup?
Residents can dispose of two large items, such as furniture and appliances, each week.  Residents must contact Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 513-867-8661 at least 24-hours in advance to schedule collection and learn how to prepare materials for disposal.  The City of Hamilton’s Transfer Station (1000 North Third St.) will also accept items Monday-Saturday.

What will Rumpke pick up / What can be recycled?
Pick up is for trash, recycling and yard waste collection.  Trash must be confined in the trash carts. The following items are acceptable items for the recycling program: aluminum/steel cans, glass bottles, cartons, plastic bottles and newspapers.

Yard waste is now picked up with your trash on the same day, at no additional charge.  Yardwaste can be inside the blue recycling carts if needed.  Yard waste can also be placed in a 35 gallon can clearly marked “Yard Waste” or a paper yard waste bag for collection.  If customers set out leaves or grass in plastic bags the drivers will think this is general trash and may not service them.  Yard waste is limited to 6 yard waste containers per week.  

Brush should be bundled in sizes no more than 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. Limbs should not exceed 6 inches in diameter and must weigh less than 75 pounds. Brush is included with yard waste and should not include more than 6 container/bundles per week.

No construction materials are permitted.  

What are the rates for Rumpke Transfer Station?
Please contact the Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 867-8661.

Can I use my own trash cart?
Resident owned trash carts may be used as long as they have wheels, attached lids and a metal bar on the front for automated lift garbage collection service.  If you have questions, contact Municipal Refuse Transfer Station at 513-867-8661. Rumpke can lease or sell trash carts to resident who want a 2nd or 3rd trash carts.

When will our leaves be picked up?
Leaf collection will begin on at the end of October / beginning of November each year. Please visit the City of Hamilton’s website at and search Leaf Collection Schedule. Prior to scheduled leaf pick-up dates, residents whose leaves are ready for pick up may call 513-785-7550 option 5 or utilize the Online 311 Service Request link to request early pick up. 

If recycling cart has trash in it, will Rumpke service the cart?
Rumpke will manage the contaminated recycling carts. The trash drivers communicate with our Hamilton route foreman when they see contaminated recycling carts. Rumpke will remove them from the curb and we will keep track of the serial number and address that they remove them from.

What holidays will Rumpke not collect trash/recycling?
The holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Day. Collection will be on next day.

How do I qualify for a lower rate for trash/recycling billing?
Contact City of Hamilton Customer Service at 513-785-7100 and ask for an application for Reduced Refuse Collection Fee form.  Please complete and return this form if you believe you may qualify for this reduced rate.