OpenHamilton Transparency Portal

The City of Hamilton in partnership with OpenGov is pleased to present our OpenHamilton Transparency Portal. To publish our data in a completely transparent format, the City launched a new, web-based financial transparency and business intelligence tool, powered by OpenGov, that dynamically presents the City's financial data, from multi-year trends to line-item level details. The OpenHamilton Transparency Portal empowers residents, staff, and other stakeholders with a bank of information that displays how the City is working for its citizens. Use this portal to better understand and to gain access to the City's financial information, as well as City-wide metrics, data, and other useful information.
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For details concerning Hamilton's many departments and programs, view our award-winning Budget Book
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Learn more about OpenHamilton and OpenGov.

We have compiled some pivotal questions and provided responses that will enhance your experience with OpenHamilton.
  • What is OpenGov? OpenGov is an open data platform which helps government entities display information over a multi-year period. OpenHamilton's default view is of our multi-year adopted budget expenses itemized departmentally.
  • Can I select more than one fund or department? Yes. Use the "Filtered By" area in the left-side panel to make specific selections. View our "Tips" tab for navigation information.
  • Can I see the data in a different graph? OpenHamilton is customizable on the OpenGov platform. In the upper right-hand corner are options to change the graph to an area graph by percentage, a stacked area graph, a line graph, a pie graph, and a bar graph. View the data in table form below each graph.
  • Why am I seeing spikes in one year? Spikes in individual years can be due to unexpected expenses (such as the replacement of failed equipment, a hard winter, a capital project, etc.) or changes in revenue. Drill-down using the menu options to learn more about those changes. View our "Tips" tab for navigation information.
  • I'd like to better understand government accounting. Can OpenHamilton help me? Yes. Choose the "Help" drop-down and select "Multi-Fund Accounting 101" to view a user-friendly explanation of multi-fund government accounting.
  • How do I select the data I want to see? The OpenGov platform allows users to focus on specific data by Fund, Department, or Type. Use the menu in the left-side panel to show revenues or expenses; break down the data by department, fund, and type; and to filter by the fund, department, and type. View our "Tips" tab for navigation information.
  • How do I see the actual numbers within the graph? There are two ways to view actual numbers using the OpenGov platform. First, simply hover over any area of the graph to see the amounts for that period. Second, scroll down to view the table below the graph.
  • Am I able to save the data I'm reviewing? Yes. Use the "Share" and "Download" buttons in the upper right-hand corner to share via email or social media and to download as a .csv spreadsheet or .png digital image format.
  • How do I contact the City of Hamilton through the OpenHamilton Transparency Portal? Choose the "Help" drop-down and select "Contact the City of Hamilton, OH". Enter your name, phone number, email address, and message, then click the "Send" button. We would like to hear from you!
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