Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility


The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is a joint venture between the City of Hamilton and American Municipal Power (AMP). Both entities jointly hold the license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to develop, construct and operate a 105 mega-watt (MW) “run-of-the-river” hydroelectric generating plant on the Ohio River.  

AMP, a non-profit corporation, serves as a joint action agency for a consortium of electric generating and/or distributing cities located in Ohio and several other states. In addition to Hamilton, a founding member of AMP, approximately 47 other cities through membership in AMP are participating in the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility. As a project participant, the City of Hamilton receives 51.4% of all energy produced at Meldahl, while the other AMP member communities are entitled to the remaining 48.6%.
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The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is located approximately 40 miles east of Cincinnati, near Augusta, Kentucky, at the Captain Anthony B. Meldahl Dam and Locks. The hydroelectric turbine powerhouse was constructed on the Kentucky side of the river, because the locks used by river traffic are situated on the Ohio side. While the City of Hamilton operates the hydroelectric plant, the Meldahl Dam and Locks are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Hydroelectric Facility
Meldahl by the numbers:
  • 3 hydroelectric generating turbines
  • 35 mega-watt (MW) rating on each turbine
  • Approximately 6,060 tons of steel and steel reinforcement used during construction
  • Approximately 111,370 cubic yards of concrete poured during construction 
The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is connected to the national electric grid via a 138 kilo-volt (kV) transmission line. The transmission line carries electricity across the Ohio River and approximately 2.2 miles to Clermont County, Ohio. The transmission line interconnects with Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM), a regional transmission operator (RTO).

Renewable Hydroelectric Power
With an estimated construction cost of $500+ million, the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is now the largest hydroelectric plant on the Ohio River. Meldahl is projected to generate approximately 560 million kilo-watt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy annually. Full commercial operation began in April 2016. 

Economic Development Investment
The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility represents a significant economic development investment. Construction of the new plant peaked with more than 400 construction workers onsite representing a variety of construction trades. The City of Hamilton and AMP looked to Alberici/Baker Joint Venture for construction of the facility. The Baker partner in the joint venture is Baker Concrete Construction, headquartered in Butler County, Ohio.

Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jeff Martin, Manager of Hydroelectric Operations, at 606.653.2371 or