LED Streetlight Master Plan

The City of Hamilton initiated conversion of its incandescent high pressure sodium (HPS) and mercury vapor streetlights to light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights in 2015. The City plans to replace all incandescent streetlights with LEDSs over a ten year period.

City crews replace older streetlight fixtures with LED technology as maintenance issues arise; however, the City is also contracting the replacement of incandescent streetlight fixtures along stretches of roadway. For example, in 2015, 529 LED streetlights were installed along Millville Ave., NW Washington Blvd., U.S. Route 127, Neilan Blvd./River Rd., Laurel Ave., Veterans Highway east of Fair Ave., and a section of Grand Blvd. from Ohio Route 4 to the railroad.

LED technology offers a substantial reduction in energy consumption along with improved service. LED streetlights consume approximately one-third of the energy required by incandescent streetlights and last three to four times longer, reducing maintenance costs and improving service. Furthermore, LED technology offers improved lighting quality – colors are more easily distinguished and greater light distribution uniformity results in fewer hotspots and dark areas, and improved driver safety.
LED Streetlights.png