Water System

The City of Hamilton has owned and operated its own water utility since 1884. Today, the Water System, including production and distribution, is a part of the City's Department of Underground Utilities.

The City begins by drawing its raw water from one of the finest sources of water in North America, the Great Miami Valley Buried Aquifer. Using 21 deep wells, the City extracts water from the aquifer and then treats the water using a unique chlorine dioxide disinfectant process. The City processes raw water from the aquifer at two water treatment plants.  

The underground distribution infrastructure of the Water System currently consists of over 289 miles of water mains throughout and in areas adjacent to the City. The City provides, on average, over 18.5 million gallons of water per day (MGD) to approximately 25,000 customers in Hamilton and portions of Butler County. 

View the City of Hamilton's 2018 Water Quality Report here.
Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium 
The City works closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ohio EPA to maintain environmental compliance regulations and to protect the integrity of the City’s underground water source.

Hamilton is also a charter member of the Hamilton to New Baltimore Groundwater Consortium which, along with the Ohio Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Miami Conservancy District, studies groundwater capabilities, provides information on water quality and availability, and facilitates planning for future water usage. The Consortium is also responsible for management, contingency planning, public education, and groundwater monitoring of the Wellhead Protection Program. Learn more about the Consortium here.