Call Before You Dig

Planning on doing any outdoor improvement projects or yard work? If your plans involve any sort of digging or excavating, be sure to call 811 ahead of your scheduled start.

By law, everyone – including homeowners – must contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 811 or 1.800.362.2764, at least 48 hours, but not more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays), before beginning any digging on their property. The depth of utility lines may vary, and it is possible for multiple utility lines to be located together in a common area.
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The Ohio Utilities Protection Service coordinates with local utilities to have underground utility equipment marked. Utility locate requests are required by law 48 hours before excavation starts. Marked utilities help prevent utility outages, repair cost, and serious or fatal injuries.  

What information is needed when I call?

Tell the operator where you are planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing. Hamilton Utilities (and any other affected utilities companies) will be notified about your intent to dig. A locator will be sent to mark the location of the underground lines, pipes, and cables, enabling you to know where you can safely dig. 

How can I learn more?
Visit the Ohio Utilities Protection Service website at, the Oil and Gas Producers Underground Protection Service website at, or call 811 or 1.800.362.2764.