Emergency Notification System

Communicator, Butler County's Emergency Notification System, is designed to provide mass notification to residents and businesses in the event of an emergency.

Communicator Notifications
The Communicator is a telephone notification system that can dial up to 60,000 phones an hour and deliver a recorded message. In the 911 Center, dispatchers can use a digital map online to define an area that requires the message and Communicator will automatically target all of the phone numbers in that defined area for the emergency message. When the dispatcher initiates the notification, the recorded message is "blasted" to all of the phones in the defined area in a very brief period time. Busy numbers will be redialed a preset number of times.

All listed land-based telephone numbers in Hamilton are automatically included in the notification system. Hamilton residents and businesses who have unlisted numbers or rely solely on cell phones must take action in order to receive these critical notifications.

Adding a Special Phone Number
You can add your unlisted or cell phone number online. It could take a month to update the list, so please continue to monitor other sources for critical information. Only 1 number may be entered into the system per address.

Communicator Facts
  • The purpose of the notification system is to notify residents and businesses about natural or man-made disasters, missing persons, public health issues and any other situation where timely notification is likely to be essential and useful.
  • The ENS can also be used to alert groups of internal Hamilton City employees of circumstances that require their immediate attention.
  • To be included in the ENS, you need only take action if you have an unlisted number or if you rely on cell phones solely. Click on link above if this applies to you.
  • Listed home telephone numbers are automatically included in the system.
What to Do
If you receive an ENS message, please listen carefully. The message will be brief and will not be repeated. Follow the instructions provided. You may be directed to a TV or radio station for further information. Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message. You may miss important information. Do not call 911 for further information, unless directed to do so!

The message will be delivered in a human voice. It is a true recorded message not computer generated. The message will always begin with a statement like "This is an emergency message from the City of Hamilton Emergency Notification System." The full message and instructions will follow.

Emergency Notifications
Communicator is not the only means of notification. Residents are urged to continue to monitor TV and radio, listen for weather warning sirens and have a NOAA weather radio available. Communicator will not replace weather warning sirens. In fact, ENS will NOT be used to alert residents of a tornado because time is so critical. In severe weather situations please follow recommended guidelines for safety and listen for the severe weather sirens, which in Hamilton, signal that the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for our area.

Sign Up

Registering your unlisted home or cell phone numbers is easy to do online or you can call 513-785-7247, but be mindful that it may take several weeks to go through the verification process and have that number included in the call list. As always, be alert to other sources of information.

  • Phone numbers provided may be subject to release under Ohio public records law.
  • Do not register multiple telephone numbers. The system will only accept 1 phone number per household.