Zoning Review

Zoning designations apply to every parcel of land within the City of Hamilton. These zoning designations determine what the property may be used for. Zoning review is a process to determine that new construction and new land uses on vacant properties or in buildings comply with the zoning designation of the property.


Rezoning is a process to change the zoning designation of a property.  Rezoning is a process that requires a public hearing, review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Council.

Preliminary Subdivision Plat

A preliminary subdivision plat represents the proposed layout for the future development of a particular property. It is the first step in the approval process for a subdivision. A preliminary subdivision plat includes street layout, lot sizes and widths, areas reserved for open space, buildings, easements and storm water drainage areas.

Final Subdivision Plat

A final subdivision plat represents a final proposed layout for the future development of a particular property. The submission and approval of a final subdivision plat follows submission, review and approval of a preliminary subdivision plat. The final plat includes the final, engineered design of a subdivision showing streets, building lots, easements, storm water drainage areas, open space, and detailed construction drawings.

Planned Unit Development

Planned Unit Development is an alternative development process that typically includes the rezoning of land and the simultaneous submission of a preliminary development plan and preliminary subdivision plat. If the rezoning is approved, a final development plan and final subdivision plat are then submitted. The process provides greater flexibility in design than standard zoning in order to create unique neighborhoods and commercial and industrial developments.

Lot Split

A lot split (PDF) is simply the division of a parcel of land into smaller parcels, typically not to exceed five (5) lots.

Architectural and Historic District Review

The City of Hamilton has 4 designated historic preservation districts and a number of properties outside of these districts that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A Certificate of Appropriateness must be issued by the Planning Division prior to the commencement of any work on a structure located in one of the City of Hamilton’s historic districts.

Zoning Code Amendments

The City of Hamilton’s zoning code lists the permitted, conditional and prohibited uses of land, by zoning district. Periodically, the zoning code is revised to reflect the changing nature of land uses and development.


The placement of signage is regulated by the Sign Ordinance (PDF) chapter of the city zoning ordinance. All requests for new and replacement signage must be approved by the Planning Division.  All temporary signs must be registered with the Planning Division using this form: Temporary Sign Registration

Long Range Planning

The City of Hamilton Planning Division provides staff support for a number of city lead and citizen initiated planning endeavors.