Nursing is the foundation of any Health Department. Our nurses work tirelessly to monitor trending in an attempt to stay ahead of public health issues. They take a proactive approach to protecting our citizens and have an excellent track-record of handling difficult situations in a calm and professional manner. To review privacy practice information, visit the Privacy Practice page.
Nursing Visit with Immunizations

Communicable Disease Control

Nurses assist with researching infectious diseases and work to help families and the community implement control measures to prevent the spread of disease. Nurses investigate food-borne illnesses and work with Sanitarians to evaluate possible sources of food-borne illness.

Public Health Nursing Visits

Public Health Nurses are available to visit homes, as needed, to assess health problems and provide health teaching or make referrals. Nurses often visit the following:
  • Patients who need instructions or help in managing a chronic disease.
  • Families who have lost babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Children with medical conditions in the Bureau for Children with Handicaps Program (BCMH)
  • Children who have been lead poisoned..

To report a public health emergency please call our 24/7 DPIC line @ 1-877-774-4636