Permit Drawing Requirements

Commercial & Multi-Family Building Permits

Commercial permits require one complete hardcopy and one complete digital copy of all documents to be submitted for review and approval. The digital copy can either be submitted with the hardcopy on a disc or flash drive or to the department's email address.

Drawing Plans

The following refers to information that is required to be shown on the plans for commercial and multi-family projects regulated by the Ohio Building Code (OBC). Commercial multi-family projects are those associated with buildings that consist of four or more dwelling units.

Plan Preparation

All plans should be drawn to scale on suitable material. Plans need to include all information necessary for the Plans Examiner to determine the scope of work of the project and its compliance with all aspects of the applicable state codes. It is always recommended to hire a design professional, such as an architect or engineer, to prepare the drawings for your permit application. These individuals possess knowledge and experience with the required codes as well as the permit process, which may help prevent the requirement of additional plan submissions. In some cases, the plans will be required to be signed and sealed by a design professional.