Emergency Services

In 2018, the Hamilton Fire Department responded to 14,254 incidents.


The on-duty fire force is divided into three shifts, each working a 24-hour shift. A Deputy Chief commands each shift.

Fire Suppression

Firefighting within the City of Hamilton is performed utilizing engine companies, quint/engine companies, and a truck company.
Along with fire suppression duties, fire company responsibilities include emergency medical calls, training, territory familiarization, and inspections of businesses, fire education, and general maintenance of fire apparatus, fire stations, grounds, and equipment.

The minimum daily staffing level is 22 firefighters and officers with a preferred staffing of 24.  The city is protected by 5 fire stations, which utilize 3 engines, 1 quint, 1 tower, and 3 paramedic units. With daily staffing levels at 24, a fourth medic unit is staffed. 

Emergency Medical

The Hamilton Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services within the City of Hamilton. The Fire Department assumed emergency medical duties in 1950 and became the first city in Butler County to provide paramedic services in 1978.

The department requires all fire personnel to be at minimum an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic and all those hired after November 5, 2002 must become Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic. Currently, the Fire Department’s compliment of 105 firefighters includes 78 paramedics.

The Hamilton Fire Department responded to 14,254 calls in 2018.  Of those calls, there were 327 fires (NFIRS 100 series) of all types including 77 structure fires.  There were 11,194 Emergency Medical calls (NFIRS 300 series). 

Hazardous Materials

The Hamilton Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team became operational in 1987. In 1991 Hamilton entered into a Hazardous Material Response agreement with Butler County, Ohio. This formed the Butler County Hazardous Materials Response Cooperative. Hazardous Materials Teams from Hamilton, Middletown, and West Chester cover all of Butler County. The formation of the cooperative is a tremendous governmental accomplishment. Today the response teams train together to learn to operate as 1 unit.

The Hazardous Materials Team is housed at Fire Station 25 and responds to emergencies involving poisons, acids, oxidizers, compressed gases, flammable liquids, and train derailments.
River/Ice Rescue
Hamilton firefighters received training in the area of river rescue. This training was conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Hamilton is split in half by the Great Miami River.
River Rescue
The River Rescue/Ice Rescue Team is housed at Fire Station 22. This team provides technician level emergency response to water related emergencies with our city including surface water rescue, swift-water rescue, ice rescue, and support for recovery operations.