Demolition Permits

A demolition permit application along with 2 sets of plans consisting of the following information shall be submitted for review and approval:
  1. Site plan showing the location of the building to be demolished in respect to property lines, public right-of-way lines, and other buildings or structures on site with overall dimensions of all buildings. Plan should also indicate if the building is attached to another building on the same property or located on an adjacent property. Plans need to show locations and details of any fencing, barricades or signage required for the protection of adjoining properties or the public right-of-way. Any portion(s) of the structure which will not be completely removed (basement slabs, foundations, etc.) shall be clearly identified. Plans must show the location of the gas and water services and sanitary sewer lateral that are to be disconnected prior to demolishing the building.
  2. A written description needs to be provided stating how the building will be demolished. The description shall also state how protection will be provided for all adjoining properties and the public right-of-way. A duration shall be provided from the start of demolition to a point where the building will be safely on the ground. Description must indicate how the lot will be stabilized after demolition is complete. A proposed reuse plan may be required for review by the Planning Department.
  3. A Certificate of Liability insurance or bond. Amount will be based on size, height, location and type of building or structure being demolished.
  4. Ohio EPA may need to be notified before a demolition permit can be issued for commercial permits. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all EPA requirements have been met before starting any demolition or abatement activities.
Contact City Engineer’s office by calling 513-785-7280 for any requests for right-of-way closures of alleys, streets, or sidewalks. Any city property within the public right-of-way damaged by demolition activities must be replaced.