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12/9/2016 - Hamilton to Implement Water and Electric Rate Adjustments
12/9/2016 - Some Utility Customers May Receive Two Bills
12/1/2016 - Phone Scam Alert
11/30-2016 - Sewer Smoke Testing Continues in Millville Avenue Area
11/29/2016 - Prepare Your Home for Winter
11/23/2016 - Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Project Status Update
11/22/2016 - Put a Freeze on Winter Fires
11/18/2016 - Winter is Coming, Here Are Ways to Save on Your Utilities
10/28/2016 - Sewer Smoke Testing Continues in Starr Hill Area
9/16/2016 - Sewer Smoke Testing Continues in Highland Park Area
9/14/2106 - City of Hamilton to Hold Public Information Meeting and Propose New Program to Mitigate Flooding Issues
9/10/2016 - Fire Hydrant Painting
9/9/2016 - Letter from the City Manager on Significant Rainfall Event 9/8/16
8/30/2016 - Highland Park Water Main Project Tree Removal Begins
8/19/16 - City Seeks to Help Residents Reduce Wet Basement Issues
8/11/16 - Dye Testing has Started in Highland Park Area
8/3/16 - Customers May See Higher Utility Bills Due to Hot Weather
8/1/16 - Partnerships for Housing and Efficiency Smart Work Together to Make Housing More Energy Efficient in Hamilton
7/25/16 - Hamilton Utilities to Conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey
7/15/16 - Sewer Smoke Testing to Begin in Highland Park Area
7/1/16 - HB 390 Blocks Proposed Sales Tax on Local Natural Gas Bills
6/30/16 - City of Hamilton Shares Water Quality Information
6/30/16 - Hamilton Utilities to Implement Wastewater Rate Plan
6/30/16 - Phone Scam Reported by Hamilton Utilities Customer
6/9/16 - 2016 Gas Leak Survey Notice
4/25/16 - City of Hamilton Partners with U.S. Gain to Expand CNG Services in Ohio 
4/22/16 - Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant Now in Full Commercial Operation
4/20/16 - Hamilton Electric to Conduct Pole Survey and Assessment
2/3/16 - City of Hamilton Shares Water Quality Information


12/17/15 - Utility Rate Adjustment Information
12/14/15 - Efficiency Smart Appliance Recycling Suspended
10/7/15 - 2015 Gas Leak Survey Notice
9/25/15 - Interceptor Project Update
9/24/15 - Metering Malfunction Causes Gas Odor Reports
9/22/15 - Hamilton Water Once Again Named "Best of the Best"
8/13/15 - School District and City Kickoff Energy Efficiency Upgrades with the Help of Efficiency Smart
6/12/15 - 3rd St. Power Plant's Change in Operations for Summer 2015
5/28/15 - Hamilton Electric to Conduct Pole Survey and Assessment
5/9/15 - Hamilton Compressed Natural Gas Operation Signs First Contract Customer
3/26/15 - Scam Phone Calls Being Received By Hamilton Utility Customers
2/24/15 - Hamilton Captures the GOLD at the Silver Anniversary of the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Competition
1/7/2015 - Winter Preparation Tips