Past Fellows

Name Graduate School Fellowship Year Current Position
Lauren Gersbach Indiana University 2011-2012 City of Hamilton - Sustainability Coordinator
Sarah Van Frank Miami University 2011-2012 Corrin Photography - Owner 
Chris Lawson Miami University 2011-2012 The Hamilton Mill - Executive Director
Liz Hayden  Ohio State University  2012-2013 City of Hamilton - Business Development Specialist
Chad Toussant Miami University 2012-2013 USGS - Physical Scientist
Greg Reger Syracuse University 2012-2013 City and County of Denver, CO - Performance Improvement Specialist
Aaron Hufford Wright State University 2013-2014 City of Hamilton - Senior Analyst
Mercy Montgomery University of Georgia 2013-2014 University of Georgia - Academic Resource Coordinator
Jacob Stone Miami University 2013-2014 City of Hamilton - Public Communication Specialist
Marcos Nichols Norwich University 2014-2015 City of Hamilton - Organizational Development Specialist