EZ Pay


*** If your bill has a Disconnect Message then payments made on EZ Pay “after the due date” may not stop disconnection, nor will they qualify your account for re-connection until the required payments and fees are posted to your account (which is a minimum of next business day). ***

Pin Numbers

To access the EZ Pay system, customers are required to enter their 7-digit Account Number in addition to the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN), or for commercial accounts, their Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

If an Error Message is received upon entering the last four digits of the SSN or EIN, please re-enter the four digits. If an Error Message is received again, call Utility Customer Service at 513.785.7100 to confirm that the SSN or EIN is correctly recorded in the customer information system.

Automatic Payments

To take advantage of automatic, recurring payments to your utility account(s), customers need to manage their utility customer account information online from the EZ Pay website. Customer account management includes updating and confirming bank account information, mailing and service address information, name changes, and other changes in personal and business information. 

For questions, please contact the City of Hamilton Utility Customer Service Division at 513.785.7100 - Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST) - or via email at customerserviceweb@ci.hamilton.oh.us.